Study Tips

Ahead of the new University term, I have some study tips for you, these are ones I’ve used throughout my Philosophy degree but are also relevant at any level of study or work. Read on to find out more… Forest A classic, but it works. Forest is a study timing app. You set the amount …

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Real Life Rebs is Back

Hi readers, I’m back, I have finished my degree and hopefully in a season where I’ll have time to post on this blog again! This post is to share a few updates! Graduation Firstly, I have graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA Philosophy Degree. I studied lots of interesting philosophy & ethics … Continue reading Real Life Rebs is Back

Sustainable Skin Care

Plastic-free skin care is something I’ve been wanting to explore for a while. Stats show that in the beauty industry 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year[1] and 91% of plastic produced doesn’t get recycled[2]. Plastic packaging is such a massive part of the beauty industry and it can be really difficult to avoid it. … Continue reading Sustainable Skin Care